30 Day Photo Project

One of the things about photography I find, is that unless you keep challenging yourself your photography can become a little stagnant. On top of this, quite often, my day job can consume pretty much all of my free time making it very difficult frustrating trying to get out with the camera. I find if this goes on for too long even when I seem to have some time on my hands I can pickup the camera and struggle to find inspiration.

To combat this I find challenging one’s self to a specific photo project can really get the creative juices flowing again. Right now I’m 12 days into my Photo-a-Day project for November. I encourage any photographers out there (irrespective of a slump in your creative flow or not) to look to take on such a project in the near future. It’s great fun and will help you to appreciate the world around you much more.

Knowing that you have to grab at least one photo a day helps you focus more on the little things, those moments in our daily lives that we quite often miss. As a photographer I quite often pickup the camera and think to myself “okay glorious sunset, or landscape panorama” when actually I should be trying to see what my ordinary daily life has to offer. 

I’m also doing the project using a combination of my main camera and my iPhone meaning that I can quickly snap something that would have been more difficult or even impossible with the DSLR.  Some of the top photographers out there I’m sure would agree when I say that although kit is important (especially in some situations) having the eye see things others may not and then capture that with a photograph is the real deal. And the first step to that is appreciating what we see every day.

I’m loving how much more this month I’ve been paying attention to things. And that in turn has gotten my creative juices flowing. Go on, give it a try soon.

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