New Photography Blog

For quite some time I’ve been hoping that Zenfolio [who host my main photography portfolio] would offer an integrated blogging service. Although this seems to be (finally) on the horizon I’ve decided to skip the wait and instead move over to WordPress.

This became more urgent as I also decided to point my two photography domains ( and to my Zenfolio site – hopefully making it easier to present a single image to the outside world.  I had originally hosted my photos with Zenfolio, but was doing the blogging via a website built via iWeb. This lacked any real options for customizations and I grew tired of its look and feel. Zenfolio also recently have opened up the options for pointing towards external sites, which made it easier to link it all together.

Now one of the first things you are probably saying – especially if you have come here from my main portfolio – is that the look and feel, between the two sites, are totally different.

I looked around at the numerous themes available and although some got closer to the look and feel of my main portfolio, I actually preferred the overall look (as well as the customizations available) with this one.  I’d also forgotten how good it was to be blogging again from the WordPress platform. I love the options for the iPad look and feel – go on if yo have an iPad visit the site – it’s impressive how it formats it. Blogging on the go becomes much easier as the WordPress app on the iPhone/iPad is pretty feature rich.

So now that I’ve got a photography blog back what can you expect? Well first thing I expect to be posting more of my photos here – linking from the various places they may end up. I love the technical / setup / technique side of photography so I’m sure I’ll be talking a little about that. I’m also a sucker for gadgets, so I’ll try to link up any cool and interesting bits of hardware / software I find on my travels. And finally any generally bits along the way that make up my life through the lens. 

Hope you like the new site. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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