Back to the Old School

You know sometimes the instant gratification that digital photography brings means we forget how cool it was unwrapping your prints from the chemist (or wherever you decided to get your prints developed).

If, like me, you rarely shot a full reel in one go, the prints could cover quite a long period of time. In quite a few cases I would be immediately transported back to the moment I took the shot. Perhaps it was a trip, or a special occasion.  Or just a random moment that up until that moment I had forgotten about.

You see with digital, you compose, you shoot, you review (and then decide if it’s worth keeping or not) The magic in some ways is gone. I think that’s why the toy Holga cameras have had such a resurgence in recent years.

Well, although I can’t wait to give a proper Holga a go, I came across an app earlier in the month which tries to combine the old school excitement of shooting without reviewing with the updated technology that is the iPhone.

Hipstamatic D is a cracking little app which lets you shoot, but until you use up the full reel of film, you cannot view the results. I’ve just shot my first proper 24 exposure set (the first set I basically wanted to check out the prints so whirled through all 24 in about an hour)

Going Down
Going Down

As I just clicked the very last one and it went into developer mode I must admit I was transported back to my childhood – stood waiting at the counter, ready to pickup my prints. As I scrolled through the shots I couldn’t help a massive smile open across my face. Sure the photos themselves are no master pieces, but then again that, in a way, is the beauty of photography like this.

Given that I sync my photos to the Cloud of i as soon as the developing process was finished they started to show up in my aperture library (and on my various Apple devices) This then allowed me to publish to other destinations other than The Facebook.

And because the app is made by those crazy cool cats who brought us the original Hipstamatic app, there are a bunch of cool cameras and filters to try.

One bit I’ve not managed to get going, is perhaps one of the coolest features of the app – the Collaboration. You can invite your FaceBook buddies to the party (literally) and everyone who shoots from that invite will then publish to the same FB photo group. That’s a really fantastic idea. Now I just need some FB friends – who’s in ?

Oh and you want to see my photos – well just click here !

2 thoughts on “Back to the Old School

  1. Nice result. I’m getting that app! My main camera is my Holga, and I resisted these “lomo” apps for ages. But they have won me over, and I’m a fan of the original Hipsta.
    Do get a real Holga though. And spend fifty bucks on a paterson tank, chemicals and a roll of film. _Nothing_ beats pulling the wet roll from the tank and seeing what you have, and it’s easy.
    There’s a post on my blog about using coffee based developer if you ever want to try that.

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