Holga Collaboration Project

I’m always interested in exploring new and interesting (and of course fun) ways to enjoy photography. As I mentioned a few posts ago I love pretty much everything about photography.

A big part of that love involves sharing photography with others. After watching one of my many photography related podcasts a while ago I thought I’d borrow their idea of a collaborative shooting experience using Holga Cameras.

Back in December I sent an email out to a bunch of people who I thought would be interested in taking part and I’m pleased to say got quite a good response.

So what is this Holga Collaboration Project?

Well the idea is that I’m going to pickup a Holga – 120CFN to be precise. This along with some film and instructions will be posted to one of the interested parties. They then have a week to shoot 3 exposures, before posting to the next person on the list. We will be using a format that allows 16 exposures, which means we should be able to get 6 (including myself taking the first exposure)

The last person on the list then posts it back to me for developing. Initially I’m probably going to get the film developed by someone else, but I’d really like to develop my own film as well later.

Hopefully we will be left with 16 shots, taken by 6 different people, from various parts of the country. I’ll get them scanned in and posted for review.

I’ll keep you updated with the results 🙂

4 thoughts on “Holga Collaboration Project

  1. Just been informed by those cool kate over at Amazon (via Holga Rama) that the camera has been shipped .. Hoping to kick this of before I hit the road to Houston later in the month …

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