2012 – Photography Projects A Go-Go

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about possible photography projects for the incoming year. I find that having a few projects in mind can help the creative juices, especially if, like me, your working life can limit the amount of quality time you get behind the lens.

Below are just a few Ive been considering, not sure how many of these will actually get of the ground in 2012 – we will see. (I’ll go into more detail on these in subsequent blog posts.

  • Documenting the River Cam; It’s Wildlife, People and Seasons
  • The Big [Photography] Issue
  • Free Saturday Portraits
  • The Holga Project
  • 52 Weeks of Self Portraits
  • The Mini Adventures of ….
  • Project 365
  • The Lonely Tree
  • Through the Seasons
  • A Day in the Life
  • Through the Window
  • You Are What You Eat
  • Water Drops
  • Smoke Art
  • My Day in 90 Seconds
  • Long Exposure
  • Light Painting
  • Time-Lapse

Got any other ideas ? Put them in the comments section …

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