Is Flickr Finally Catching Up ?

Flickr used to be seen as the “go-to” place when it came to publishing your photos online.  Over the past 18 months the space has become quite crowded with the likes of 500px, Smugmug, Google+ and of course The FaceBook.

One of the biggest issues I found with Flickr was the look and feel which felt old and dated, especially when (as I do quite often) I simply wanted to spend a few hours browsing photos. I want this experience to be something beautiful – it just wasn’t.

Well today, perhaps they are starting to move with the times – although it does seem that the move is almost a direct copy-cat of 500px. They call it the Justified View.

I quite like this. A very simple, yet elegant, way to view all my contacts photos. And unlike 500px I can actually add my like to the photo from that master page.

Good to see the lights are still on in the Flickr department …


One thought on “Is Flickr Finally Catching Up ?

  1. While I agree that I like the look, be prepared for your view counts to plummet. Many of mine are from my contacts. You can’t see images well from the old thumbnail page, so it makes sense to step through the pages themselves. The new view shows large enough thumbnails that you *can* now see them almost well enough from there. No need to actually view the page …

    Does this matter? Who knows?

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