Where to Share?

I was sitting just a moment ago browsing through some photos on the iPad (via iPhoto – a seperate blog post coming soon on that) and it gave me a whole host of options to share my photo to. Most apps now give you the usual suspects, including Google+,  Flickr, FaceBook, 500px, and of course WordPress. Then on top of this we have services such as Instagram which can be linked back to your Facebook account (for example) every time you post. Finally we have options to share (as I quite often do) photos to our own dedicated web blogs.

It got me to thinking that if I was  trying to get discovered as a photographer I’m spread so thinly across many different services. How does this affect ones perception of my photography?  Would I be likley to secure a commision based upon my photography net being thrown so wide? Is it better to focus on a few services and add quantity rather than quality?

There are two obvious choices which come to mind

  1. Post only my top quality work to my main portfolio.
  2. Link all other photos back to my facebook area and use that as a central point to engage any prospective community.

I think that first point is a no brainer. In fact I think I need to go back in an prune the collection a little. There is a fine between showing one’s best work, and overloading the visitor with too many shots.

It’s the second point that I’m still not 100% sure about. Despite the ease of linking one’s various photo sharing accounts back to Flickr, does this engage your visitor more than actually posting a photo on your Facebook wall? And then what if you do decide to post back to Facebook, should you duplicate this post back into Flickr and Google+ ?

To be honest, right now I’m not too sure. I think perhpas an experiment is in order. I’m going to take the time to post the same photo direclty to a number of different photo sharing websites that I have, each with a link to my main photography portfolio. I’ll then monitor to see a few things;

  • how many people viewed the photo
  • how many people commented / liked it
  • how many people followed through to my main portfolio website.

I’ll do this for 1 month and post the results back here.

In the meantime what do you do?




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