For the Love of Photography

I call myself a photographer not because I want to be famous, not because I want others to love my work, not even to make money. I call myself a photographer as I’m head over heels, knock me down totally and utterly in love with every single aspect that photography brings to my life. 2013 was a bit of a game changer for me. With the realisation that photography was my all encompassing passion it was time to change a few things, especially in regards to making room for me to grow (photography wise). During the past few years I was finding it increasingly frustrating to fit in both my passions (running and photography) as well as other interests,  including drumming, gaming and home cinema. I have a bit of an obsessive personality and so it can be difficult at times to leave things as an interest and not let them take more time than was probably healthy.  Making decisions earlier in the year to let some things go helped; at the time it felt odd but over the past few months I’ve come to realise that those interests are still part of my life but now are seen as a drop in pastime rather than something that takes precedence.

I think it’s important for one to develop in any discipline to ask themselves why they are doing it.  Photography, for me anyways, is like an itch that you never want to go away. Making room in my life for that passion to grow as been a very important part of my development, not only as a photographer but as a person as well. It’s been tough at times to make room and to not let things overload me, and if I’m 100% truthful at times they still do, but I’m certainly in a better place going into 2014 than I was going into 2013.

Running remains a big part of my life and I’ve actually added a complementary blogpost over on my running blog.

I think this little video from David duChemin sums up my relationship with photography rather perfectly.



For the Love of the Photograph from Craft & Vision on Vimeo.

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