The Holga Collaboration Project

Rules of Photography

Photography should be about fun and enjoyment first and foremost. Secondly I think it should be about sharing – after all what’s the point in Gigabytes of images sitting on your hard drive never seeing the light of day? The last thing should be about memories.

Circa 1985
Circa 1985 – That’s me in the middle 

I had an idea for a project a little while back which never saw the light of day. It’s time to put that right.

The Holga Project?

I discovered my love of photography long after digital had first appeared so it was no surprise that my first camera was a Digital SLR.  I always felt however that I was missing something and a few years back bought myself a Holga CFN120. I immediately fell in love with it. Shooting with it removed all aspects of the modern camera instead leaving you with your eye and a plastic box that could possibly (absolutely no guarantee) reproduce what you were seeing. My friend Marcus took the love of film to a whole new different level with his Rolleicord. The images here are just beautiful.

Memories are made of these
Memories are made of these

While several apps on the iPhone do a pretty good job of reproducing the film type feel there is nothing like dropping of a roll of film to be processed and then have to wait to see what has been shot. I’ve quite often used a roll of film over a very long period so there are always a few surprises in there.

The Holga
The Holga

Holga Collaboration

But you see I don’t just want you to read about using the Holga .. I want to you experience it as well. The idea behind the project is that between a few us we each take a few pictures on the same roll of film and then put them together as a portfolio of images. We would pass the camera amongst those on the list and then back to me for developing. So basically you receive the camera – have 1 week to shoot 3 or 4 shots, and then you post it onto the next person.

We would be shooting either 16 (6×4.5cm) or 12 (6x6cm) images amongst us .. so depending on the numbers and format we will either shoot 3 or 4 images each. I have about 5 rolls of Color 120 Pro 400 film…. plenty to get us started.

Who needs Memory Cards??
Who needs Memory Cards??

So who’s in? Drop me an email ( and I’ll add you to the list. I hope to star the project during September.

Read more about the Holga here.

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