A Quick Lesson in Light [Video]

Something I’m going to try and do more often is to record short instructional videos from the field. Nothing too high brow for now – all recorded on the iPhone [recommendations on improvements in my setup always welcome]

In this first video I talk a little about being patient when chasing changing light. While the dynamic range on the iPhone isn’t fantastic I hope you still get a sense of what I mean by how sunlight moving through a scene can completely change things.

One thing  I didn’t mention in the video, but something I quite like to do, is to pick a scene which I know over the coming weeks I will visit (perhaps somewhere you walk by on your commute). Spend at least a few minutes looking at how light (any light) is impacting the scene. Take a picture (with the camera you have with you). Note the shadows, contrasts, colours etc … After a while you will have a number of shots of the same scene but in different lighting conditions. This I find can be a valuable lesson as well. [Something tells me that in itself is an idea for a future blog post]

Hope you enjoyed the video and as always any questions or comments, please let me know.

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