Excuse Me, Was That Your Sex Noise?

So as a photographer we chase fleeting moments in time, hoping to capture even just a few of them. More so however we chase light, magical light. I’m of the opinion that in our lifetime we may only experience proper, magical, almost bringing you to tears light, a couple of times.

I think last night while I was travelling on the train back from the London I experienced one of those moments

I saw it coming. Dark moody sky on one side of the train. Fleeting glimpses of the sun from behind a fast moving storm on the other. Then it happened. All of the elements came together. The light hit the field… there were still some straw stacks in a neat line. The moody clouds were almost black. Heck there was even a rainbow. I was transfixed. Transported it would seem to a magical place.

“Excuse Me”, came the voice breaking me from my trance. “Was that your sex noise?” …

I looked at the woman and realised the position I was in. Both hands flat on the window, face pressed close against the glass. Tongue hanging out. Yup, the magical light had transported me to a magical place. And it would seem in that magical place I make weird noises.

Suffice to say as we trundled along the rest of the journey I kept my eyes fixed on my laptop just in case I was tempted into seconds. Thankfully for the rest of the journey the light stayed flat and dull.

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