A Quick Update [Safari]

Sorry for the lack of postings over the past week or so. I’ve been on Safari in South Africa (Pilanesberg National Park) where connectivity is a little less forthcoming. Then again the last thing on my mind while I’ve been over here is to sit behind a computer. They say that Africa will hook you in and it certainly has me. The light, the people, the animals, the landscapes, the dust …. oh my word I’ve fallen in love.

The light here, especially as you would image in the early morning and the late evening, is just magical. At times I’ve peered through the viewfinder and had to pull my eye away again just to be sure what I was seeing was indeed true. Who needs Instagram filters when the light is doing it all for you naturally. Just wonderful.

I’m sure over the coming weeks I’ll post a few more lengthy updates however in the meantime you can keep up to date with more regular posts on my Facebook page.

Paying Homage to the little folk
Paying Homage to the little folk

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