Striking the right balance in the Social Media world

While I was on Safari I had setup a number of automated posts to be published on my Facebook page. I was away for just under 3 weeks and I think I scheduled 5 posts  – one every couple of days. To supplement this I posted (once I had some level of connectivity) a couple of updates live from Africa.

This regular posting, now that I’m looking back at my page insights, showed that not only did I continue to receive the same level of traction from followers, but actually added a couple of additional followers as well. The same, however, cannot be said for this blog where I had neglected to line up any automated posts and it certainly showed with my connections.

This got me thinking as to why I have a Facebook / Blog in the first place, and how it makes me feel when engagement drops on one or the other. It also brought home the need to continue to keep (very) active on both  – as it’s only new / interesting content which will both keep existing followers, but also add to your community.

And that takes time, and that’s without factoring in time spent on other Social Media sites such as Twitter, Instagram,  Google+ and the like. Heck, I’ve not even spoken about Flickr and 500px.

The perfect office ?
The perfect office ?

As a photographer I want to be outside in the field shooting, or at the very least behind my screen doing some post processing. I realise however that Social Media plays a very important part in building one’s brand on the Internet. With so many voices out there also telling very engaging stories the work needed to keep growing can, at times, feel quite daunting.  And remember when I refer to being active on Social Media I’m talking about a two-way communication channel – being an active follower of other brands as well as posting on my own streams.

Phew, if I’m not careful being active on Social Media could become a full time job and leave me little time to actually make pictures, which in turn will mean I’ll have very little interesting content to share to my followers. A double edged sword.

So I don’t have an answer yet as to striking the right balance, but I’d sure be interested in how others out there are achieving this. Perhaps you are struggling also? Would be great to get a conversation going on this. Post a comment below …

PS: An intersting article on building Social Media strategy that I came across the other day.

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