Fuji and Samyang - Perfect Partnership ?

Remembering Customers Have a Choice

I had been on the look-out for a Filter set for my newly acquired Samyang 12mm lens (along with the Fuji X-E2). One of my favourite travel and landscape photographers right now, Elia Locardi, had just released his own travel kit consisting of a couple of ND filters, one Grad and the necessary holders and accessories.

Now it wasn’t cheap but I’ve learnt before than for kit such as this paying that little bit extra really does bring returns in the long run. I’ve never really used square filters before so I naturally had a couple of questions. Elia himself, via Google Plus, was kind enough to answer some of these. Did I mention as well as being a top photographer he’s a top bloke as well. I had a couple of last remaining questions to ask so decided to log an email on the vendor’s website. After a few days of nothing I gave them a gentle poke via twitter. Still nothing.

Time to go old school and give them a ring. This is where I started to get a little worried. I’m not sure on the setup they have but it sounded like the call was being taken from someone’s garage. The lady on the other end of the phone, polite as she was, really wasn’t sure what I was asking for. After a bit of back and forward she said that she had now seen my email and would be passing this onto someone in the pre-sales team ASAP and I should expect an email return.

So 48 hours later and still nothing. Now despite knowing that the filters seem to be the business I’m just not happy with the pre-sales support. I really don’t want to be left hanging should I end up with a problem after I lay down some money.

So sorry to Formatt-hitech … it looks like you have some work to do on the customer support side of things before you will get my business. Companies really do need to realise that their customers have a choice and I for one will be exercising my right to choose someone different.

Perhaps my experience is a one off … but just a little warning out there to others considering these filters.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Customers Have a Choice

  1. This kit is surely a blast. I think the Lee filter seven5 is pretty cool for mirrorless. I’m also thinking about buying a kit… with pola, nd, grad… not cheap that is. But very useful for landscapes.

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