The Scratch Pad ?

So before I had my main website (hosted on Squarespace) I used WordPress. When I moved over I kept the content where it was and then kinda forgot about it.

Over this past year, and especially since moving across to Northern Ireland, my time behind the camera has increased 10 fold. This has led to not only quite a backlog in my processing queue (which can be a good thing I guess for those horrible rainy days) but also a number of images which I don’t think will ever see the light of day on either my main website or indeed any of my social network streams.

When it comes to sharing ones work you could argue that you are only seen as good as your last image and so of course we need to be careful in sharing our photography sketches. I like to think that each final image I produce isn’t a one off, a single exposure, in fact there have been many hours and sometimes weeks that have gone in to create that image. I spend quite a bit of time simply wandering with the camera in hand, shooting in different locations, different weather conditions, playing with different photography concepts and even using different cameras (Fuji, iPhone, Holga)

Someone who I have followed for quite a while is Ted Forbes and he recently started a project called Photo Assignments. The main concept behind assignments is all related to helping to grow our creativity. Now of course Ted talks about actually printing your work and I would 100% advocate this as well, and indeed I do print a lot of my work now. I do however want something online that I can simply stick some of my work on and this website will be it.

I’m hoping to use this scratch pad to help grow my own creativity (while also working alongside The Photo Assignments ) and instead of keeping my images stuck on m iPhone or hard drive to upload them here …

I’ve honestly no idea what this really means, all I know is that I love making images and I feel I need to start to lay these out in some form to allow me to look at my own growth.

Let’s see how this goes …. How do you manage your own scratch work?


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